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Border Crossing Scents Has Done It Again!

Border Crossing Scents has outdone themselves this year with the introduction of several new scents including:

* Bear In A Stick - 2 oz smoked bacon
* Bear Bait In A Stick - 2 oz. Black Licorice
* Bear Bait In A Stick - 2 oz. Cinnamon Roll
* Rutting Buck In A Stick - 2 oz.
* Rutting Boar In A Stick - 2 oz.

bear scents : bear bait in a stickUsing their patented stick formula using hunting scents has never been more convenient. In addition to the above scents, Border Crossing Scents has also developed a line of varmint repellent scents, predator scents, and a line of dog training scents such as rabbit, grouse, and pheasant.

Look for more information in the near future as we add these amazing products to our inventory.

If you have any questions please call or email us anytime during normal business hours


We are thrilled to be authorized distributors of the entire Border Crossing Scent product line.

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We are now delivering VS1 deer scent products for VS-1 deer scent products for the 2009 hunting season. Don't miss out on getting the world's most powerful deer scent. Many hunters miss out on the opportunity to use VS1 because they wait till the last minute. Order now and have it shipped in time for your next deer hunt.

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