VS1 Deer Scent & Evercalm Cover Scent Combo


VS1 Deer Scent & Evercalm Combo

The most powerful deer scent combination you can put into your deer hunting arsenal period! If you’re a serious deer hunter you need to give this powerful combination a try this hunting season. The VS1 Deer Scent & Evercalm from Conquest Scents delivers time & time again.

I’ve been an avid bow-hunter most of my life. Last year bow hunting in Texas on public land I was able to fill out all five (5) deer tags. While I put in my time in the field, I attribute my success to using Conquest Scent products and the VS1 deer scent and Evercalm have been critical to my bow hunting success.

While I may not have taken the wall hanger I was after, I have some venison stew simmering in the crock-pot as I write this message.

I only got busted once last year while sitting in my tree-stand. I got busted by some hogs the one day I had run out of Evercalm and had no cover scent on.

We ended up making a one hour drive the next morning to pick up some Evercalm cover scent at the nearest sporting goods store that carried it.

Center image is my daughter’s very first hunting trip with me in Llano, TX. We used both products on that hunt. To the right of this post is the buck I was hoping to get, but he stayed nocturnal the entire season…hopefully he’ll come back around this season.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, you can’t go wrong with VS1 deer scent or Evercalm cover scent.