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VS1 Scent Q&A

Answers to common VS1 Deer Scent questions:
  • Q: I bought two of your products last year, the deer herd in a stick and your vs-1 also in a stick. They have been stored in a closet at home since last hunting season. Will they still be effective this hunting season?
    A: Probably not. Deer herd in a stick and other VS1 deer products have a shelf life of about six months. We will actually be testing some old product this year to see if it maintains effectiveness after 6 months.

  • Q: When will my VS1 order ship?
    A: Please allow 3-5 business days for your VS1 order to ship. Note: We only ship VS1 liquid Monday thru Wednesday. This ensures that your order will not sit in a warehouse over the weekend.

  • Q: Can I store or save unused VS1 scent for hunting season next year?
    A: VS1 Scent in the stick and liquid forms can be stored for the following hunting season if you vacuum seal and keep refrigerated
  • Q: Do you send out samples of VS1 products?
    A: No, VS1 deer scent reputation speaks for itself.

  • Q: Is VS1 Scent fresh or is it harvested the season before?
    A: VS1 deer scent products are harvested during the current year or hunting season. Border Crossing Lab's unique and patented process allows them to bring does into estrous every 28 days. This allows Border Crossing Labs to create the most potent deer scent in the industry
    while collecting enough estrous to develop the limited supply offered each year.

  • Q: What is the best way to contact VS1DeerScent.com?
    A: While we are always happy to speak with customers on the phone, we prefer that you use our contact us form. We are extremely busy just before and during the start of hunting season.
  • Q: I used VS1 scent last season and did not see a single deer. Why didn’t VS1 deer scent work for me?

A: We want to tell you right up front that not everyone who uses VS1 deer scent will see a deer or bag the biggest buck of their lives. About 1% of our customers that use VS1 will write or call to tell us that the product did not work for them.

While VS1 deer scent products are the most potent and scientifically developed hunting scents you’ll ever put in your bag of tricks, they are just tools.

No matter how good our VS1 scent products are there are many conditions that can contribute to a hunter not seeing any deer or bagging that buck of a lifetime.

Common reasons you may not see deer:

• Hunting pressure
• No deer in your hunting area
• Predators
• Food sources
• Weather changes
• Human odor
• Incorrect use of scent

While I’m sure some will find exception with our list or being transparent, no hunting scent or product manufacturer can guarantee a 100% success rate. What we can say with confidence is that our scent products will greatly improve your odds when used correctly.

This is one reason we will be launching our forum so that customers can share stories and information on how and when they used our hunting scents.

Order VS1 Deer Scent Now

Even when some VS1 deer scent products are out of stock and no longer available for the year, we may still be able to fill your order and will notify you via email regarding product availability. As deer hunting season gets under way and product becomes scarce we maintain contact with a network of other distributors to allocate any remaining deer scent products for our customers.

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