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Christine R.

Bagged a nice Llano, Texas eight point buck 6:35am opening day of deer season Nov. 7th, using Deer Herd In A Stick and Earth Cover Scent. This was Christine's first ever deer hunt and her shot was dead on using a single shot 7mm-08. Buck had a 17.5 inch spread. Good job Christine.

2010 Update:

Picked up Christine's deer mount over spring break 2010. Special thanks to Sheppard's Taxidermy located in LLano, TX for a great job.

Josh R.

Bagged a nice doe opening day of deer season in Texas using Deer Herd In A Stick and Earth Cover Scent. Josh is a bit envious of his sister's trophy, but he'll be enjoying some venison jerky the rest of deer season and keeping an eye out for that big buck. His .308 bolt action is driving nails at 100 yds.

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Eward H. - Ohio

Years ago i experimented with most of the store purchased cover & attractant scents only to find that the deer ended up being on alert more than being attracted and gave up on them entirely. However, i saw your segment on the hunting channel and decided to gamble one more time because your info was so convincing.

WOW!!! i purchased all three of your deer products, never got to
rut season so i could use the estrus. Bagged a beauty 10 point! any deer that came into my area sniffed out the product and i could not believe how curios and calm they were. Your product really works and i have become a life time buyer. PLLeeaaasssee notify me when your product is ready for sale for the upcoming 09' season!


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